Jedlix Services Terms of Use

1. What do we do?

Jedlix B.V. (hereafter known as “Jedlix”) is a European company that develops and operates a smart charging platform and a mobile application (hereafter the “Jedlix App”). It cooperates with car manufacturers and energy groups to allow you to charge your electric vehicle (EV) smartly and sustainably and enable its sustainable integration into via the national or regional power grid.

Through our network of partners in the energy and electric mobility industries, we provide smart charging services (hereafter the “Services”) across a range of countries, allowing you to:

The availability of these Services depends on the partnerships formed in specific countries, a list of which can be viewed here.

Jedlix calculates an optimal charging plan for each EV based on user settings, employing a dynamic price curve based on the energy market and the current supply of renewable energy.

This allows you to charge your car during periods when the pricing is more favourable, thereby optimizing the amount of renewable energy you use, and even allowing you to generate earnings based on a number of factors. These factors include the volume of energy and the number of hours you designate for your EV to reach its target battery state of charge. In this way, you can generate earnings simply by charging your EV overnight at your designated home charging location.

2. Our Contractual Terms of Use

In using and benefiting from our Services, you acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Use, outlined here, and that you agree to abide by them until you decide to stop using our Services. For details on the termination process, please see Section 6 (Termination) below.

You remain free to choose whether you want to use Jedlix’ Services to smart charge your car save money on your energy bill (“Savings”), and/or generate earnings through our Energy Supply partners, and/or generate earnings by allowing Jedlix and its partners to balance the energy grid.

In so doing, you consent to Jedlix collecting and processing the necessary personal data required to deliver each of these Services, in accordance with our Privacy Policy ( and in compliance within the terms of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), insofar as it applies across the relevant countries.

To benefit from Jedlix’ Services, you must drive an EV supported by Jedlix’ Services, and you must connect your EV to the Jedlix App. You can then select from a range of simple settings to enable smart charging at a designated location for certain periods during the week. You can also choose to charge your EV directly as soon as you plug it into its designated charging location, thereby allowing you to gain some percentage of range quickly before the smart charging begins. These are the limits of the end-user optimization settings for smart charging since our priority is to deliver the level of charge you have requested for your required departure time.

3. Savings and Home Charging Costs

If your home energy contract allows, you can save on your electricity bill by charging your EV at lower tariffs (based on the time of use). These tariffs typically exist during off-peak periods, depending on your contract with your Energy Supplier and on the off-peak times that you manually declare in the Jedlix App. Your savings may also be affected by any partnerships we have with your Energy Supplier, based on the pricing periods and tariffs of your contract (assuming you authorize us to collect data about this from your Energy Supplier).

That said, Jedlix cannot be held responsible for not charging your EV at the right time if the information logged manually or automatically is inaccurate or incorrect. Furthermore, Jedlix’s priority is to deliver the desired battery level at your stated departure time and to guarantee that your EV has the required driving range for your next journey. At times, therefore, depending on your home charge speed and your charging preferences, Jedlix may begin charging during peak hours to ensure it meets this priority.

The savings you make, as well as the total home charging costs, will be displayed in the Jedlix App in either Euros, Pounds, Swiss Francs, or Krones, depending on your country of use. Your savings are calculated as the difference between the price you would normally have paid with direct charging and the volume of off-peak or low tariff energy (in kWh) that Jedlix is able to access. This calculation constitutes an estimate of your home charging cost savings and the proportion of EV charging costs on your energy bill. The figures are not guaranteed to correspond with the costs listed by your Energy Supplier. Some of our energy partners may choose to display these smart charging savings on their bills or to integrate them into their customer reward programs. However, this is not guaranteed and is in no way connected to Jedlix’s Services.

Jedlix provides an overview of the estimated share that EV charging makes up of your monthly electricity bill. This could be used as a receipt of your home charging costs. Certain of our partners may reimburse you for some or all of these home charging costs, in cases where they have a relevant agreement with your employer.

4. Earnings from Your Energy Supplier

To find out which green Energy Suppliers Jedlix is partnering with in your country, please see the following list: Jedlix generates earnings from your Energy Supplier by charging your EV at times that are beneficial for your Energy Supplier, for example when the electricity purchasing costs for your Energy Supplier are low, or when your Energy Supplier needs to reduce an imbalance between its customers’ electricity consumption and production.

For Jedlix to do this, you must enter your energy contract information in the Jedlix App to authenticate your account. These earnings with energy partners, expressed in € per kWh charged, are displayed provisionally on your Jedlix App after each smart charging session. They are then computed each month for a possible pay-out to your bank account (registered by IBAN in the Jedlix App). There is a minimum transfer of €5 or the equivalent in other currencies. You will also receive a bank transfer confirmation by email from Jedlix within 10 days of your payment request.

In the absence of a partnership with your Energy Supplier, Jedlix is not liable for any payment of earnings to you. Should you decide to switch to a Jedlix Energy Supplier partner (see here: and benefit from specific electronic mobility offers, you would start to generate earnings as soon as your Energy Supplier authenticates your new customer account.

5. Earnings from Grid Services

Jedlix is working with several Balancing Service Providers (BSPs) in different countries to allow you to generate earnings from your national or regional grid operator. This works by charging your EV at times when the grid operator needs to reduce an imbalance caused by excess power consumption or production, thereby helping to maintain the stability and security of the grid. BSPs, also known as ‘aggregators’, combine different electricity sources (large batteries, windmills, etc.) and make them available to the Transmission System Operator (TSO) or Electricity System Operator (ESO) responsible for maintaining the frequency of the high voltage energy grid in a specific country, province or state. To maintain a constant balance between the total consumption and production levels at high voltage levels, TSOs and ESOs manage open and regulated markets of grid balancing services. They procure flexible power capacity from BSPs to offset temporary imbalances provoked by excess consumption or production compared with the national or regional volume that they had forecasted. Jedlix and its BSP partners work together to offer the TSO or ESO flexibility when charging your EV, allowing you to earn benefits through smart charging, even when your Energy Supplier is not partnered with Jedlix. An up-to-date overview of Jedlix’ BSP partners is available to view here:

To enable this Service, you need to share additional information with the Jedlix App, such as your power meter number, and you must consent for your home to be included in the balancing perimeter of our BSP partner. Jedlix will then smart charge your EV based on the balancing needs of the grid, though still within the limits defined by your end-user settings. Your mobility needs remain our first priority.

The provisional earnings generated from balancing the grid are expressed in € per kWh charged smart and are displayed in your Jedlix App after each smart charging session. They are then computed each month for a possible pay-out to your bank account (registered by IBAN in the Jedlix App). There is a minimum transfer of €5 or the equivalent in other currencies. You will also receive a bank transfer confirmation receipt by email from Jedlix within 10 days of your payment request.

6. Termination 

You can pause Jedlix’s Services at any time by disabling smart charging within the Jedlix App. This is useful, for example, if you are going on holiday. You can then start using the Services again at any time simply by enabling them in the Jedlix App.

You can also permanently terminate your use of Services at any time by sending an e-mail to Termination requires two weeks’ notice. Any earnings that have not been requested as pay-outs expire upon permanent termination of your use of Services. To avoid any confusion, if you decide to uninstall the Jedlix App from your mobile, you must first disconnect your EV in the App to ensure that we stop collecting telematics and controlling your EV charging. Deletion of the App will not automatically inform us of your decision to terminate your use of our Services. An email to is necessary to complete this process so that we can inform our partners of your decision and remove your EV from any of the Services we provide in conjunction with them.

Jedlix also reserves the right to terminate your use of Services at any time with two weeks’ notice. Jedlix reserves the right to update, change, suspend and/or discontinue any or all of its Services, or to change its partners in a specific country, again with two weeks’ notice.

7. User Settings

As a Jedlix Services user, you are responsible for ensuring that the data you enter in the Jedlix App (such as your designated departure time) is accurate. You must also guarantee that you are the energy account owner for the metering point declared in the Jedlix App, or that you are authorized by the home energy account owner to use the metering point and the Services.

8. Limitations of Warranty and Liability

Jedlix Services are provided on an “as-is” basis. To the maximum extent permitted by law, they are provided without warranty, guarantee, or promises of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to any warranties of performance, non-infringement, fitness for purpose, or satisfactory quality.

Jedlix will make its best effort to deliver a high level of Services to its users. However, Jedlix cannot be held liable for, nor guarantee the availability or full performance of its Services, if it is affected by any cause beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to problems with mobile access to your EV, technical connection problems with the back end IT platforms of Jedlix or its partners, or by an event of force majeure.

Jedlix does not guarantee any savings or earnings for the user, nor does it guarantee that its Services will meet the requirements of the user, provide uninterrupted use, or operate as required, without delay or error.

No rights can be derived from Jedlix’ calculation of an optimal charging plan.

Subject to the limitations set by law, Jedlix, its employees, directors, and partners, are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damages, including but not limited to loss of profit or loss of revenue resulting from the use of services, whether based on warranty, contract, or tort (including negligence), as due, for example, to:

Notwithstanding the foregoing, and subject to the limitations set by law, claims for damages against Jedlix may not exceed the value of the actual loss proven by the user and may never exceed a maximum of €5,000 for any particular claim.

9. Privacy Protections

Jedlix attaches a high value to your privacy and processes your personal data very carefully under the terms established by law. Jedlix (the controller) is responsible for collecting and processing your personal data on the Jedlix App, based on the Services you choose to use. Our Privacy Policy is available to view here: Its purpose is to inform you of how your personal data is collected and processed by Jedlix and its partners, as well as on your rights under the GDPR. The legal ground for collecting and processing your personal data, as well as your data subject rights, are established via the contract between you as an end-user and Jedlix as the provider of the Services listed above.

10. Intellectual Property

“Intellectual property” (IP) means all rights, titles, and interests of any kind that, without limitation, are or are in the nature of any patent, know-how, trade secret, registered design, copyright, design right, trademark, service mark, business name or other industrial or intellectual property right subsisting in any country, whether or not registered or capable of registration, as well as all associated rights of registration relating to any of the aforesaid, whether presently existing or created in the future. “Know-how” means any methods, techniques, processes, discoveries, inventions, innovations, unpatentable processes, specifications, recipes, formulae, designs, plans, documentation, drawings, data, ideas, concepts, techniques, works of authorship, or any other technical information.

All ownership of this IP shall remain with Jedlix alone. For the duration of your use of the Services, Jedlix agrees to grant you, solely as an end-user, a non-exclusive, paid-up right and license to use its Services. Under these terms, you explicitly undertake to refrain from modifying, adapting, or correcting any elements of Jedlix’ IP, and from breaking up, decompiling or undertaking any similar action on or in relation to Jedlix’ IP. For the avoidance of doubt, you agree explicitly that this obligation will survive the termination of your use of the Services.

11. Applicable Law

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the law applicable in your country of residence. The court in Rotterdam shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from downloading and/or using the Jedlix App or the Services.

12. Contact us

For questions about Jedlix’s Services, including any questions about the Jedlix App and its partners, or for any other enquiries, please contact Jedlix via email:

Version: October 2020